Kayaking Pass Lake, Anacortes, Washington - September 2017

I decided to visit my sister for Labor Day up in Burlington, WA, north of Seattle. My main reason for visiting was to see her perform in community theatre, but we also had time to explore a bit and we took full advantage. It was one of those trips where we hadn't made any plans in advance, but everything seemed to work out in terms of weather and everyone being on the same page with what we'd do. It also helps that they have amazing friends who will lend them a pedal kayak whenever they want. Also, my brother-in-law is some kind of saint and did most of the heavy lifting (literally) as well as lots of driving which made this whole trip so stress free for me and my sis.

After picking up the pedal kayak we headed to Pass Lake. Here's where it is:

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of kayaking in a pedal kayak, it's incredible. You have regular paddles for when it's shallow, but otherwise, you can use these amazing foot pedals with minimal effort to move you along.

There is even a control lever up front for steering! So easy! To make it even easier, we would get into the kayak on dry land and then my BIL would pull us into the water with the wheeled cart! Hardly got wet at all. (I already mentioned this was the best trip, right?)

I think this was the first time I'd kayaked on a lake (usually it's the ocean, marina, or sound) and it was so quiet and peaceful. Not too much time taking photos, but here are a few:

We continued our kayaking the following day at the nearby Bowman Bay.

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