Low tide at Abalone Cove State Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - November 2015

Thanksgiving weekend K and I took advantage of the time off coinciding with a low tide to re-visit Abalone Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes. It was my 5th trip there and the first place I ever saw tide pools so it holds a special place in my heart. I almost always see something unexpected and the constant land movement means it's never really the same place. The last time I'd been was January 2013 - so almost 3 years before! Hard to believe.

The low tide was -1.00 ft at 4:30pm so perfect timing to catch the sunset as well.

Here's where it is:

This being a holiday weekend, there were quite a few more people there than I have seen in the past, but still enough space to not feel cramped. Like I said above, there is constant land movement in this area and it's always a bit disorienting to see things look so different than they did only a couple of years ago. But also exciting because you always feel like you're exploring uncharted territory.

[NOTE: I see on their website that they have closed to area due to unstable ground and falling rocks. More info on the RPV site.]

I went out as far as I could right away since you see different tide pool life in different areas.

Many deep pools out on the rocky cliffs.

Lots of exposed sea grass.

This day, we were lucky to happen upon an octopus! A California Two-Spot. It's the 2nd one I've seen at this location but the last time the light was fading quickly so I didn't get much time to study it. They have always been in the same posture when I've seen them. Hiding until the tide comes back in.

California Two-Spot (Octopus bimaculatus)

I didn't take very many photos. Trying to exist in the moment.

Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

Gooseneck Barnacle <-- 20="" br="" can="" live="" they="" years="">

Tidepool Sculpin Fish

See more of my photos from this location (and Sacred Cove which is just around the bend) in my Flickr set.