El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA - May 2015

Even with all these years (almost 10!) in L.A. and all the trips I've taken to Malibu beaches there is still more to explore. T decided to start taking photos with film again and wanted to check out El Matador State Beach so I tagged along.

This isn't something I'd normally include on the blog because there wasn't much of a wildlife component to it, but the ocean is always a bit wild and I got some nice photos of sea gulls so here goes.

There is a parking lot (that I believe you have to pay for) but we just parked on the PCH.

This is where we were:

And these are some of the photos I took.


You can see the gorgeous shots T got on his Instagram account here and here (and included below).

Photo by Thomas Horvath

Photo by Thomas Horvath

Definitely a beautiful location.