Corral Canyon hike, Malibu - January 2012

I'd just gotten back to LA after a week in unsettlingly-warm-for-this-time-of-year-but-still-chilly-to-me MI and I had 3 days in LA to decompress and relax before returning to work. I needed to get out into the Southern California wilderness and since friends were busy or out of town I headed out alone.

I had recently gotten 60 hikes within 60 miles, Los Angeles: including Ventura and Orange counties and decided to start chipping away at the hikes it lists. Although I hike often, I'd somehow managed to only have gone on 3 or 4 of the 60 hikes.

Traffic was light on this Monday after the holiday so I drove to Malibu to check out Corral Canyon. Solstice Canyon is nearby and I really enjoy that area. I hoped to see some people (I didn't want to be completely alone) but not too many to disrupt the quiet of those hills.

Here's where I was:

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There is a fee lot ($5 cash) right at the trailhead (next to Malibu Seafood) but you can also find free parking easily right on PCH.

The hike is 2.5 miles and me took about an hour in mostly full sun. I was shocked at how warm it was being near the ocean and, oh yeah, January, but I didn't mind the fresh air and sun. It's a loop trail with a series of switchbacks and can be steep in some places, but is generally an accessible hike for kids and dogs. The only other people I saw were a family with two small children and a little dog and they were doing just fine.

Here's a trail map I got from

I saw quite a few birds and I bet the trail is beautiful during wildflower season. The views of Point Dume and Point Mugu to the west were pretty great. All in all a nice couple of hours away from the city taking the time to just be.

I even had time on the way home to stop at Malibu Lagoon for a bit to walk in the sand and visit with the birds.