Red Rocks, Las Vegas, NV - June 2011

Another trip to visit family in Las Vegas, this time for my brother's birthday. We spent most of the time at their house or on the strip/Freemont street but decided to take a quick trip to Red Rock Canyon which my parents had never seen (despite visiting Vegas at least half a dozen times!).

The last time I visited Red Rocks in October of 2008 it had actually snowed! This was summer and so the weather was much warmer. Here's where we were:

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The entrance fee was $7 for the day, but my sister decided she'd be coming back so she sprung for the $30 annual pass. That allows her plus another person she designates to come anytime they want for free. This park is huge so there's plenty to explore. You get a nice map with your entrance and it lists all the hikes and areas of interest.

We were there in the evening so the colors were amazing. We stopped at the first four scenic areas to get out and look around a bit. Near the Sandstone Quarry there's a large wash with lots of plants and birds. I really wanted to spend more time exploring, but the sun was setting and I didn't want to miss my flight back to LA! Here are a few photos from our visit.

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See if you can spot the second person in the photo
(click on the photo to make it bigger)

California Barrel Cactus
(Ferocactus cylindraceus cylindraceus)

Apache Plume in the foreground
(Fallugia paradoxa)

Desert Willow
(Chilopsis linearis)
Paperbag Bush
(Scutellaria mexicana)