Taking K to the Tide Pools - Malibu Lagoon - January 2010

I decided to take friend to see the tide pools at Malibu Lagoon. We'd been trying to find a day to go together for a while and finally, the time was right and the tide was really low; -1.25 feet! We decided to go to Malibu Lagoon again since it's close and I'm still not over my bird obsession!

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Here are some of the things we saw:

sea urchin. The seagulls were actively eating these. I wondered how they didn't get poked.

Kelp crab. I'd never seen one like this before. Very large (body was 4 or 5 inches?). We saw one male and one female mating like crazy and then this dead one nearby.

Tube worms? It's funny, I just did a search on Flickr for this phrase to see what others thought and I found this photo from a friend with the caption "Tube worms?". If anyone knows I'd love to find out.

The rarely seen (by me anyway) underside of a sea hare. He was flipping over I guess.

Sea squirts! Don't usually see them out of the holes they live in.

Marbled Godwit I think. Such a long beak!

Finally a close shot of the Great Blue Heron that I always see at the lagoon.

And she's gone. What beautiful birds!

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