New Years Day Tide Pool Trip - Malibu Lagoon - January 2010

The tide was super low on New Year's Day (-1.67) and we hadn't gotten to visit tide pools on the central coast during our trip so we went to Malibu Lagoon. There was something extra magical about this day. With the tide being so low, the bright green sea grasses were exposed and there were many egrets, herons and other birds eating. Also, the sunset was amazing that day! Check it out.

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Not a great photo, but it was the first Giant Keyhole Limpet I had ever seen. It was very large (4 or 5 inches across?). Here is some more info (

This was also the first time I had seen a bat star. Most of the sea stars you see at tide pools here are the type referred to as ochre stars. They look like this:

Egrets of some sort.

What a perfect way to celebrate a new decade!

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