Failed trip to Mt Charleston - Las Vegas, NV - January 2010

In January I also took a little trip to visit family and friends in Vegas and since I hadn't seen snow this winter we tried to make our way up to Mt. Charleston (part of the Spring Mountain Range). Of course, it turned to be really foggy and overcast that day so we didn't get far, but I wanted to blog about the beauty there anyway. My sister went back a few weeks later and took some great photos. I am super jealous.

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Here is what we saw driving up

You can see why we had to turn around! Looking down was cool. The clouds above us ended like a blanket and there was an area in sun far away - like another world.

After driving down, we stopped by the side of the road and took some photos of the snow covered mountains. We were disappointed, but wanted to make the best out of it.

And a week later my sis returned and got these amazing shots. Again, sooo jealous! I want snow!