Sacred Cove during wildfire season - November 2008

T and I went to Sacred Cove again. I knew it would be a particularly low tide (below negative 1 ft!). There were many wildfires that day so the sky was very smokey and it got dark really early. So early in fact that, by the time we got there, we couldn't see any tide pool creatures! The sky was unbelievable though! It felt so apocalyptic. None of these photos are edited other than some cropping.

Click here for more of my photos from this location and the neighboring Abalone Cove.

[UPDATE: For this trip we parked in the driveway of an abandoned house, I believe, but as of Sept. 2010 this driveway is grown over. Also, you can no longer park on Sea Cove Drive at any time without a permit. What's more, the hours for the parking lot listed on the Abalone Cove web site may be inaccurate. I'd suggest calling before you head down there or you might have to risk parking illegally!]