Mini Tide Pool Trip - Malibu Lagoon - November 2009

This trip was super spur of the moment, but still worth noting.

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My sister had been visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday (along with my parents) but I couldn't take them to the tide pools because there wasn't a low tide while they were in town. On the day they were leaving my sister's flight ended up getting delayed so we had a few hours to kill and I remembered that the low tide would happen in an hour or so. We decided to race out to Malibu Lagoon to see if we could make it in time. We got there really quickly (holiday weekend traffic is sometimes a dream here because so many people leave) and although the tide wasn't as low as I'd hoped, we still got to see a few creatures and, most exciting for me, there were a lot of sea birds around and I got a few good shots.

California sea hare

Great Blue Heron

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