Malibu Pier and Tide Pools at Leo Carillo - August 2009

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I finally arranged a beach day where I would actually go to the beach wearing my bathing suit and lie in the sand! I've lived in LA for over 4 years and this has only happened maybe 6 times. I go to the beach often, but never do the whole bathing suit, towel thing.

In any case, I wandered around by the Malibu pier with a friend, lied in the sand watching surfers and then we went to Leo Carillo for low tide (.6 ft) to see if we couldn't spot some tide pool creatures. As I look back now, I think this was the beginning of my new found interest in birds and identifying them. After this trip is when I discovered

Not too many tide pool creatures today. The tide wasn't very low and at Leo Carillo the rocks are generally pretty unstable. Plus, there were a million people so I think I was distracted. Still, here's what I saw:

Leo Carillo State Beach

Western Gull (yes, I even started identifying seagulls!)

Chiton! (that greenish thing in the middle).

Some quick chiton facts. A chiton creeps along slowly on a muscular foot, and can cling to rocks very powerfully, like a limpet. Chitons have a fossil record stretching back 400 million years!