Kelso Sand Dunes - January 2008

T and I finally made it on a little getaway to scope out the Kelso Sand Dunes in the Mojave Desert between LA and Las Vegas.

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Some of our friends had gone and said it was beautiful and super low budget which was great for us. We didn't have a tent or any camping supplies to speak of, but we thought "Hey, we can just sleep in the car!". What an adventure!

Got to the camp site just as the sun was setting (photo courtesy of TH) . . .

Being January and all, it started to get pretty cold! We got to work making a fire (which we only got burning after about 1.5 hours of trying really hard and burning every single tiny piece of paper - including Taco Bell receipts and the packaging for Cup Noodles, etc. The wood just wouldn't stay lit!), quickly ate some food thinking the fire would burn out at any second, and sat practically on top of it for an hour or two until the embers were out.

Once we got the fire burning it was so nice to just sit there. The sky was lit up with stars, but otherwise it was so dark that it was hard to tell the difference between the sky and the ground. It almost felt like I was floating.

We figured we'd go to sleep early so we could get up before sunrise and hike to the top of the dunes to watch it. Seriously, so cold (20 degrees?) and uncomfortable I could not sleep a wink! I'd forgotten pillows and we didn't have sleeping bags. The blankets really weren't cutting it! I spent the entire night waiting for the sun to rise.

Once it started to rise we took off towards the dunes which, by the way, were a lot farther away than they looked at first! Here are some photos T took. Man, what a beautiful and peaceful place!

It was really hard work walking up those dunes, but the view from the top was well worth the sweat!